About Us

To maintain an association of persons interested in the preservation of the memory, the spirit, and the physical condition of Bentonville Battlefield State Historic Site, located near the town of Four Oaks in Johnston County, North Carolina.

• By perpetuating the memory of the people and events connected with Bentonville Battlefield through the acquisition and appropriate care of artifacts, documents and authentic reproductions, and by the display of such acquisitions in such a manner as to best serve the interest and enjoyment of the people of North Carolina and their visitors.

• Encouraging historic research, particularly in relation to Bentonville Battlefield, and by developing libraries and materials appropriate to that research.

• Preserving, protecting and acquiring key parcels of land related to the Bentonville Battlefield.

• By encouraging individuals, governmental and commercial organizations to dedicate funds for preserving, broadening the interpretation and maintenance of Bentonville Battlefield.

• By promoting celebrations of all patriotic anniversaries and special events held at the Bentonville Battlefield or its environs, and by assisting State Historic Site personnel in these and other activities, when requested, in order to make the battlefield an educational, hospitable, safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors

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