Union Order of Battle

Combined Losses:²
Federal = 1,527; Confederate = 2,606; Total = 4,133

Organization of Union Forces

Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman, Commanding

Headquarters Guard

7th Company, Ohio Sharpshooters

Engineers and Mechanics

1st Michigan
1st Missouri (five companies)

Army of the Tennessee

Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard
(Total Casualties: 383)

15th Illinois Calvary
Pontoon Train Guard
14th Wisconsin (Company E)

Fifteenth Army Corps
Maj. Gen. John A. Logan
(Casualties: 190)

First Division (119)
Bvt. Maj. Gen. Charles R. Woods

First Brigade (23)
Bvt. Brig. Gen. William B. Woods
12th Indiana
26th Iowa
27th Missouri
31st/32nd Missouri (six companies)
76th Ohio

Second Brigade (33)
Col. Robert F. Catterson
26th Illinois
40th Illinois
103rd Illinois
97th Indiana
100th Indiana
6th Iowa
46th Ohio

Third Brigade (63)
Col. George A. Stone
4th Iowa
9th Iowa
25th Iowa
30th Iowa
31st Iowa

Second Division (34)
Maj. Gen. William B. Hazen

First Brigade (22)
Col. Theodore Jones
55th Illinois
116th Illinois
127th Illinois
6th Missouri (Cos. A and B, 8th Missouri attached)
30th Ohio
57th Ohio

Second Brigade (11)
Col. Wells S. Jones
111th Illinois
83rd Indiana
37th Ohio
47th Ohio
53rd Ohio
54th OhioThird Brigade (1)
Brig. Gen. John M. Oliver
48th Illinois
90th Illinois
99th Indiana
15th Michigan
70th Ohio

Third Division (In Reserve)
Bvt. Maj. Gen. John E. Smith

First Brigade (0)
Brig. Gen. William T. Clark
63rd Illinois
93rd Illinois (with detachment non-veterans of 18th Wisconsin)
48th Indiana
59th Indiana
4th Minnesota

Second Brigade (0)
Col. Clark R. Wever
56th Illinois
10th Iowa
17th Iowa (one company)
26th Missouri (two companies, and detachment 10th Missouri)
80th Iowa

Fourth Division (32)
Bvt. Maj. Gen. John M. Corse

First Brigade (1)
Brig. Gen. Elliott W. Rice
52nd Illinois
66th Indiana
2nd Iowa
7th Iowa

Second Brigade (9)
Col. Robert N. Adams
12th Illinois
66th Illinois
81st Ohio

Third Brigade (22)
Col. Frederick J. Hurlbut
7th Illinois
50th Illinois
57th Illinois
39th Iowa

Unassigned (Not Engaged)
110th United States Colored Troops

Artillery (5)

Lt. Col. William H. Ross
1st Illinois Light, Battery H (DeGress’s)
1st Michigan Light, Battery B (Wright’s)
1st Missouri Light, Battery H (Callahan’s)
12th Wisconsin Battery (Zickerick’s)

Unassigned (0)
29th Missouri (Mounted)

Seventeenth Army Corps
Maj. Gen. Frank P. Blair Jr.
(Casualties: 193)

11th Illinois Cavalry (Company G)

First Division (150)
Maj. Gen. Joseph A. Mower

First Brigade (54)
Brig. Gen. John W. Fuller
64th Illinois
18th Missouri
27th Ohio
39th Ohio

Second Brigade (1)
Col. Milton Montgomery
35th New Jersey
43rd Ohio
63rd Ohio
25th Wisconsin

Third Brigade(95)
Col. John Tillson
10th Illinois
25th Indiana
32nd Wisconsin

Third Division
Brig. Gen. Manning F. Force (13)

Provost Guard
20th Illinois
First Brigade (?)
Col. Cassius Fairchild
30th Illinois
31st Illinois
45th Illinois
12th Wisconsin
16th Wisconsin

Second Brigade (?)
Col. Greenberry F. Wiles
20th Ohio
68th Ohio
78th Ohio
17th Wisconsin

Fourth Division (30)
Bvt. Maj. Gen. Giles A. Smith

First Brigade (4)
Brig. Gen. Benjamin F. Potts
14th/15th Illinois (battalion)
53rd Illinois
23rd Indiana
53rd Indiana
32nd Ohio

Third Brigade (26)
Brig. Gen. William W. Belknap
32nd Illinois
11th Iowa
13th Iowa
15th Iowa
16th Iowa

Artillery (0)
Maj. Allen C. Waterhouse
1st Michigan Light, Battery C
1st Minnesota Battery
15th Ohio Battery

Unassigned (0)
9th Illinois (mounted)

Army of Georgia

(Late Army of the Cumberland)
Maj. Gen. Henry W. Slocum
(Total Casualties: 1,144)

58th Indiana

Fourteenth Army Corps
Bvt. Maj. Gen. Jefferson C. Davis
(Casualties: 886)

First Division (453)
Brig. Gen. William P. Carlin

First Brigade (159)
Bvt. Brig. Gen. Harrison C. Hobart
104th Illinois
88th Indiana
33rd Ohio
94th Ohio
21st Wisconsin
42nd Indiana

Second Brigade (205)
Bvt. Brig. Gen. George P. Buell
13th Michigan
21st Michigan
69th Ohio

Third Brigade (89)
Lt. Col. David Miles (W)
Lt. Col. Arnold McMahan
38th Indiana
21st Ohio
74th Ohio
79th Pennsylvania

Second Division
(410, incl. 2 of Morgan’s Staff)
Brig. Gen. James D. Morgan

Provost Guard
110th Illinois (Company B; Company A, 24th Illinois attached)

First Brigade (149)
Brig. Gen. William Vandever
16th Illinois
60th Illinois
10th Michigan
14th Michigan
17th New York

Second Brigade (160)
Brig. Gen. John G. Mitchell
34th Illinois
78th Illinois
98th Ohio
108th Ohio
113th Ohio
121st Ohio

Third Brigade (99)
Bvt. Brig. Gen. Benjamin D. Fearing (W)
Lt. Col. James W. Langley
86th Illinois
125th Illinois
22nd Indiana
37th Indiana (one company)
52nd Ohio
85th Illinois

Third Division (9)
Bvt. Maj. Gen. Absalom Baird

First Brigade (7)
Col. Morton C. Hunter
82nd Indiana
23rd Missouri (four companies)
17th Ohio
31st Ohio
89th Ohio
92nd Ohio (11th Ohio attached)

Second Brigade (2)
Lt. Col. Thomas Doan
75th Indiana
87th Indiana
101st Indiana
2nd Minnesota
105th Ohio

Third Brigade (Not Engaged)
Col. George P. Este
74th Indiana
18th Kentucky
14th Ohio
38th Ohio

Artillery (14)

Maj. Charles Houghtaling
1st Illinois Light, Battery C (Scovel’s)
2nd Illinois Light, Battery I (Rich’s)
19th Indiana Battery (Webb’s)
5th Wisconsin Battery (McKnight’s)

Twentieth Army Corps
Bvt. Maj. Gen. Alpheus S. Williams
(Casualties: 258)

First Division (117)
Brig. Gen. Nathaniel J. Jackson

First Brigade (3)
Col. James L. Selfridge
5th Connecticut
123rd New York
141st New York
46th Pennsylvania

Second Brigade (7)
Col. William Hawley
2nd Massachusetts
13th New Jersey
107th New York
150th New York
3rd Wisconsin

Third Brigade (107)
Brig. Gen. James S. Robinson
82nd Illinois
101st Illinois
143rd New York
82nd Ohio
61st Ohio
31st Wisconsin

Second Division (Not Engaged)
Bvt. Maj. Gen. John W. Geary

First Brigade
Bvt. Brig. Gen. Ario Pardee Jr.
5th Ohio
29th Ohio
66th Ohio
28th Pennsylvania
147th Pennsylvania

Second Brigade
Col. George W. Mindil
33rd New Jersey
73rd Pennsylvania
109th Pennsylvania
119th New York
134th New York
154th New York

Third Brigade
Bvt. Brig. Gen. Henry A. Barnum
60th New York
29th Pennsylvania
102nd New York
137th New York
149th New York
111th Pennsylvania

Third Division (139)
Bvt. Maj. Gen. William T. Ward

First Brigade (2)
Col. Henry Case
70th Indiana
79th Ohio
102nd Illinois
105th Illinois
129th Illinois

Second Brigade (0)
Col. Daniel Dustin
33rd Indiana
85th Indiana
19th Michigan
22nd Wisconsin

Third Brigade (137)
Bvt. Brig. Gen. William Cogswell
20th Connecticut
33rd Massachusetts
55th Ohio
73rd Ohio
26th Wisconsin
136th New York

Artillery (2)

Maj. John A. Reynolds
1st New York Light, Battery I (Winegar’s)
1st New York Light, Battery M (Newkirk’s)
1st Ohio Light, Battery C (Stephens’s)
Pennsylvania Light, Battery E (Sloan’s)Cavalry

Third Division (Not Engaged)
Bvt. Maj. Gen. Judson Kilpatrick

First Brigade
Col. Thomas J. Jordan
3rd Indiana (battalion)
8th Indiana
2nd Kentucky
3rd Kentucky
9th Pennsylvania

Second Brigade
Bvt. Brig. Gen. Smith D. Atkins
92nd Illinois (mounted)
10th Ohio
9th Ohio
9th Michigan
McLaughlin’s Squadron (Ohio)Third Brigade
Col. George E. Spencer
1st Alabama
5th Kentucky
5th Ohio

Fourth Brigade (provisional)
Lt. Col. William B. Way
1st Regiment
2nd Regiment
3rd Regiment


10th Wisconsin Battery (Beebe’s)