Heavy Thunder 2022 Recap

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On August 20th, cannons roared and muskets rattled as we hosted our annual summer living history program, “Heavy Thunder.” While the event has evolved over the last few years to include separate artillery and infantry events, this iteration was a bit of a throwback as both infantry and artillery demonstrations were the focus of the day. Reenactors from Starr’s Battery, Dickson’s Battery, and state personnel crewed the cannons, while the 6th, 26th, and 27th NC were represented in the infantry ranks.

Along with weapons demonstrations, interpretive talks and displays added to the environment of learning what life was like for a Civil War soldier. Throughout the day, people could learn about how soldiers ate, camped, marched, drilled, fired their weapons, and what happened to them if they were injured in battle. The Harper House was also open for tours all day. With the exception of the Harper House tours, everything happened outdoors so having cooler than average temperatures in late August was icing on the cake! Of course, it was still warm so having our friends from Carolina Snow here selling frozen treats was ideal.

A total of 1,480 people attended the event – one of the best ever attendance figures for the annual event! Our sincere thanks goes to the Friends of Bentonville Battlefield for sponsoring the event and helping to staff it, volunteers from Starr’s Battery, Dickson’s Battery, the 6th NC, the 26th NC, and the 27th NC Co. D, and Historic Sites personnel who helped put the event on, and to the staff members who helped plan and execute another great event at Bentonville Battlefield! And thank you to each of the 1,480 visitors who came out to Bentonville on a beautiful Saturday!

See below for videos and pictures from the event, thanks to Bob Williams, Anna Kulcsar, and Crissy Oravits for sending us their photos and videos.

Weapons Demonstration

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