‘Site’ Seeing: Staff Development 2023

The staff has been seeing the sites lately! State historic sites that is. Over the summer of 2023, we have had the lucky ability to work on professional development for the entire Bentonville staff: full-time, temporary, and volunteers! We have conducted two staff trips and hosted a professional development workshop this summer alone. In thisContinue reading “‘Site’ Seeing: Staff Development 2023”

Welcome to Summer 2023!

Although the official first day of summer isn’t until June 21st, we are already in the swing of the busiest season here at Bentonville Battlefield State Historic Site! We have had a packed spring with tons of new and exciting projects, read along in this blogpost to catch up on everything that has been happeningContinue reading “Welcome to Summer 2023!”

Christmas at Bentonville 2022

Posted on December 9, 2022by fobbnc This Christmas, for the first time ever, visitors experienced the Harper House not as a field hospital, but as a home. During the day and lamplit at night, seeing the house set up as a home brought a totally new and different perspective to the iconic house than has not beenContinue reading “Christmas at Bentonville 2022”